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Project Manage Your Pandemic Wellbeing

With more than half of the Australian population currently in lockdown, many of us are facing challenges to our physical and mental wellbeing. Now more than ever it is imperative for us all to reflect on what is within our locus of control? Key to this is identifying behaviours that grow our physical, mental and emotional resources to meet the challenges at hand.

Creating and implementing a wellness plan is one way of project managing your wellbeing in isolation. This is something I engage in regularly, both personally and with clients. The process involves:

  • Assessing your current level of wellness? What are your current challenges and what resources can you harness? With clients I utilise a wellbeing and lifestyle survey that helps clarify key areas to work on and develop. The info-graphic displaying my vital pillars of wellbeing outlines some key areas to consider. Otherwise check out this previous article for more ideas.

  • The next step involves reconnecting with your values, strengths & deeper “why” for change. This helps build motivation when the “going gets tough.”

  • An important part of the process involves developing a clear and inspiring vision that has you be vital and the best version of you even in lockdown!

  • Next create your own action plan, that helps build confidence through small actionable steps. This involves developing three month behavioural goals and committing to actions each week that move you closer

  • Nudge healthy habits. Hack your environment so that small changes create big outcomes

  • Build resilience: “if… then…” planning, to manage and identify obstacles. Create some accountability and support to facilitate your wellbeing.

  • Write it down and schedule time to reflect and implement.

For a detailed example of how this process unfolds, check out my current wellness plan for lockdown.

Jason's Wellness Plan 20_8_21
Download PDF • 244KB

Please contact me if you are struggling and would like some assistance in creating and implementing your own wellness plan. An initial session usually takes between 75-90 minutes over Zoom.

As a coach I acknowledge that you are the expert in your life and only you can discover what is workable and sustainable. Coaching is simply a conversation where I hopefully ask some thought provoking questions that helps increase self awareness and build your resources to navigate change. The goal is to implement your vision of wellbeing. More simply, what you want and why, then how you would like to achieve it. Take care and stay safe. J

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