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Some call it getting fit.

We call it taking control.

Vital Lifestyle Founder Jason Nikakis

Vital Lifestyle Coaching delivers a  personalised approach that is backed by science.


"We extract and utilise the most effective elements of coaching, behavioural science, positive psychology, corrective exercise​ and holistic eating to be pro-active for life!"

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Make a move

When you change your focus... 
You change your experience of living!

A new outlook

Vital Lifestyle will help change your thoughts, behaviours and experience of life . You are unique so only a personal approach will get you back on track.  Be pragmatic and let go of paralysis from over analysis! All you need to do is do what needs to be done, so you can be who you want to be!

Ask yourself...

  • Are you sick of health & fitness fads?

  • Quick fixes that don’t work?

  • A body that aches and holds you back?

  • No time to make change?

  • Tired of being tired?

  • No confidence or motivation?

  • Want to be understood?

  • Want to be free from judgement?

Are you ready to:

  • Find Balance

  • Be Strong

  • Walk Tall

  • Love your body

  • Be Active for life

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Tel: 1300 845 612

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Vital Lifestyle Coaching

Create balance

  1. Begin your journey with a movement & postural analysis. Learn how your daily environment and previous injuries maybe limiting your movement potential and experience of life!

  2. Develop a personalised plan to mobilise, stretch and strengthen so that you can walk tall and live strong!

Move well

  1. Re-connect mind & body to enjoy the here now benefits of your vital lifestyle.

  2. Weekly personal training to ensure accountability, correct technique, appropriate progressions and intensity to be active for life.

Be vital

  1. Develop healthy sustainable habits in other domains of wellbeing- sleep, holistic nutrition, stress management, mindfulness practice, connecting with nature, people and purpose. 

  2. Work with your health and performance coach to identify and support change on your terms. 

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