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Being Vital This Winter

It’s been some time since my last blog contribution, however this absence from writing has been filled with exciting projects. Firstly my 8 week Being Vital group coaching program ran from late February to April. I sat my NBHWC certification exam in May and attended the HWCANZA inaugural conference in June.

With a busy 5 months behind me, I have taken some time out to reflect and collate feedback on my Being Vital program. One of the common themes expressed by participants was a necessity to create more balance and boundaries. I know personally that exiting lockdowns and transitioning to living with COVID has made me reassess my wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

When interviewing clients, several commented on the need to “re-engage in life.” The last two years with its increased stress and anxiety has left many questioning whether their previous coping strategies are still serving them now. For some, the pandemic became an excuse to be overconsumed in the busyness of work to distract, or having the extra glass of wine at night to unwind. Whatever the coping mechanism, taking the time out to assess and reflect is critical if we wish to increase our wellbeing into the new norm.

One of the benefits sighted by participants in the Being Vital program was the structure that it offered. It was an opportunity to:

  • Reflect and increase self-awareness on areas contributing and detracting from one’s current wellbeing

  • Carve out time in the diary to focus on behaviours that promote self-care and increase vitality.

  • Identify obstacles and challenges, and to brainstorm workable sustainable strategies

  • Create implementation intentions. How, when, where and with whom behaviours will be consolidated.

  • Use the social support of group coaching to maintain accountability

  • Identify and restructure negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs to increase self -efficacy

  • Identify and modify environmental factors to facilitate healthy change.

  • Develop and implement an action plan that prioritised self-care and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and social)

An interesting observation by an anonymous client. “I plan my business and I plan my finances. The Being Vital Program was an opportunity for me to harness my project management skills, to take responsibility and project manage my own personal wellbeing.”

If you are still curious about what Health & Wellbeing coaching is all about click here for a perspective of the NBHWC .

From my perspective coaching in the domain of Health & Wellbeing is about:

  • Building your capacity and resilience

  • Bridging the gap between: The knowledge of what to do, to how can I implement this in a workable and sustainable way for me?

  • Facilitating problem solving and self-management strategies. Building your own personalised toolbox for change

  • Learning how to create healthy habits that stick and being your vital best.

PS I will be holding my next Group Coaching program in July. To learn more or register your spot. Contact Jason

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