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3 Ways To Improve Your Boundaries For Better Energy & Wellbeing

So many of my clients struggle with sustaining their vitality and performance. So, to start the year off, I am running a free webinar called: 3 ways to improve your boundaries for better energy and wellbeing.

It’s for people who want to break out of the same old cycle, and instead create a do-able schedule of self-care so that you can...

  • Find more time and energy for yourself and all the things you love

  • Remain calm, mindful and more purposeful

  • End 2023 feeling more connected and contented

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How to get clear on (and commit to) your health priorities

  • How to set (and achieve) realistic goals

  • 3 ways to set better boundaries more easily, so that you can be connected with the things that matter

For those who need support and accountability to be consistent, I will send an invitation at the end of the session. This will be an opportunity to be coached - to implement new habits and to become consistent with them so they become automatic and effortless.

Self-care is the intersection of awareness and self-compassion

Webinar: Tuesday 31st of January at 7pm (EDST)

To attend you must REGISTER HERE

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