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Inspiring & facilitating healthy change

We are living in an era of inactivity! We sit too much, we stress too much, we eat too much, we worry to much… ​Sometimes it feels like it’s just too much!

Slow down. Take a deep breath.
​Get aligned. Redefine your life.

Vital Lifestyle Coaching delivers a personalised approach that is backed by science.

We extract and utilise the most effective elements of coaching, behavioural science, positive psychology, corrective exercise​ and holistic eating to be pro-active for life!

Vital Lifestyle has an internationally recognised certification as a Health & Wellbeing Coach. We are also members of the Australia NZ association for health coaches.

Ask yourself….

  • Are you finding it difficult to “switch off”?

  • Are you feeling “drained” and have no energy for you?

  • Are you unable to maintain balance and boundaries?

  • Are you just surviving not thriving?

  • Are you on the verge of burnout?

Are you ready to….

  • Thrive, flourish and be fully alive

  • Feel calm and content with life

  • Fire on all cylinders and perform at your peak?

  • Live life on your terms

  • Be Vital

It's time to find your

Vital pillars of wellbeing

Be active and find more opportunities to move. Do you have a routine around exercise that is appropriate, enjoyable and sustainable?


Enjoy and eat a wide variety of whole foods. Do you have the
skills and organization to implement healthy meals when busy?


Schedule down time and incorporate good sleep hygiene.
Are you finding time for rest and reflection?


Manage stress with adaptive interventions. Do you have
healthy and nurturing ways to unwind?


With your greater purpose, engage with your community and
find time to be in nature. Are you making time to connect?


Manage your thoughts and feelings for balance and equanimity. Do you have the cognitive skills for resilience?

Psychological flexibility

Vital Adj. 

  1. Essential In Order For Something To Succeed; 

  2. Necessary For Staying Alive; 

  3. Full Of Energy And Enthusiasm

Lifestyle Noun. 

  1. Style Of Living That Reflects One’s Attitudes And Values

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