Personal Training is the place I go to get real and long term results. - Judi

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90% of people who join fitness clubs stop going in the first 3 months.
95% of people on diets regain their lost weight (and even more) within a year.

  1. Are you looking for long term, sustainable health solutions?
  2. Are you tired of a society and fitness industry promoting cosmetic quick fixes?
  3. Are you ready to challenge the “boom or bust” cycle to eating and activity?
  4. Do you want to be part of a growing community that acknowledges health & fitness comes in all shapes and sizes?
  5. Are you ready to feel good now?

Then you are ready to experience a Vital Lifestyle today

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A refreshing approach to health & fitness.

  • We will not weigh or measure you!
  • We will not subject you to before & after photos!
  • We will not judge you….

Only support you in making healthy change to reach your full potential.

Health and wellbeing is a journey not a destination. How you get to where you are going, is just as important as where you are going.

Here at Vital Lifestyle we are fully committed to your health & fitness journey.