Personal Training is the place I go to get real and long term results. - Judi

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When I started training, I had a lower back injury. My trainers liaised with my physiotherapist to ensure exercises were safe and appropriate, and developed a program focused on building strength to prevent future injuries.  For me, overcoming the fear and making the decision to get started was the definitely the hardest part. My advice to anyone thinking about starting: just do it. In a year from now, you’ll wish you started today.”



The key benefit I find from training is allowing myself to switch off and purge the day.  I’ve established a process now where, when I train, I’m able to use this to “close” the events of the day. The largest benefit of adopting this technique is that when I get home I don’t feel compelled to work into the evening, which has realigned my work-life balance.  Additionally I’m not trying to go to sleep thinking of solutions to work issues. I’m a more productive worker as well as being a more balanced human.

 Chris Zeiher


Pauline GraydenI started with one PT session per week with the little voice in my head whispering what good will that do? Six months later I was 18 kg lighter, twelve months later 24 kg lost in total. I had unearthed muscles that thought they were redundant and were happily vegetating away. They were shocked in to life and despite putting up quite a show of resistance began limping to the party.

I would encourage anyone to invest in their future health and wellbeing by laying the foundation now and with VL all bases are covered through their holistic approach. Once again, that phone call proved to be a life changing moment and one I am immensely proud of and grateful for.

Pauline Grayden


I first started training at Vital Lifestyle some 2 ½ years ago after a low bone density scan. I was motivated by wanting to improve function and being able to get the most out of my retirement.

Sue TwinnMy program consists of one resistance session per week and my trainer Alex encourages me to walk as much as I can between training sessions. Having not exercised for the first 60 years of my life this has been both a major change and accomplishment. I am gaining strength and my balance has improved. It is also a great feeling being able to climb stairs without being puffed at the top!

Having a personal trainer keeps me honest! I would find it too easy to think of excuses not to train, like: It’s too wet. It’s too cold. I’m tired! Training with Alex keeps me accountable, as I must show up, no matter what excuse I muster. It’s also great to have someone checking technique and getting the most out of my exercise routine.

My experience shows that it is never too late to start, even if you have never exercised before. Once you start you will soon notice the benefits. Now that people are living longer, I think it is really important to keep as fit as you can for as long as you can. Otherwise it will be a long time sitting in a chair at the old folks home. I know what I would prefer

Sue Twinn


Some of the benefits that I’ve noticed since beginning a fitness program include feeling more physically flexible as well as seeing Susan feldmanvisible changes to my body shape and muscle tone. Being able to continue to pick up grandchildren, bend and be physically able to keep up with them is extremely important to me and although the sessions are often challenging I experience a sense of achievement as my physical strength increases.  Because I enjoy travel, an additional benefit of being fit is that I can move my own luggage around and not have to ask for assistance especially when negotiating airport security and overhead lockers on planes.

What I like best about having a personal trainer is being treated with respect for what I can do and being pushed to do more each time.I have been training with Vital Lifestyle for so long I can barely remember, ten years perhaps.

Susan Feldman


BillMy weekly exercise routine consists of one Pilates group class and two individual weight sessions. Thanks to my current trainer I always seem to be doing more (‘tow that barge, lift that bale’ – thanks, Alex). As far as diet goes that doesn’t seem to have changed all that much, you know something from each of the basic food groups and then, as Major de Coverley says in Catch 22: ‘Gimme eat’. It ain’t pretty but it seems to work.

In terms of milestones or achievements, I don’t much like the terminology. Let’s just say that whenever I do think about it, I much prefer where I am to where i was. The main obstacle is doubt and I’ve learnt the only thing to do with that is check it at the door. What I like most about having a personal trainer is that the programs are geared to the cliet and, in my experience, the trainers at Vital Lifestyle have always been excellent which really matters, since they make the difference that helps enormously if you let them.

Bill Barnett

I have been training at Vital Lifestyle for about 4 years. Currently I do one weekly session with Jason in addition to running a couple of times per week and cycling and swimming. I also go for regular walks when possible and generally enjoy exercising outdoors.

I initially started training because I’d had an injury and was wanting to develop a program which allowed me to do what I wanted to do safely. In terms of the long term changes that I have made to my health, I am more careful about what I eat and conscious of my exercise regime.  I count the days without exercise rather than those with. Andrea

Recently, I did the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon, a run I have always wanted to do.  I actually had a pretty big month, with the Puffing Billy Run, the ½ and my first Spartan race.  All went pretty well, except for the Spartan race – where I hurt my neck but it reminded me that when I don’t train, I get injured.

I feel much better when I am training regularly.  Physically my body feels better, but also mentally I am much happier. The thing that works best for me in terms of having a personal trainer is the accountability – Jason keeps me honest with myself. To those considering personal training I would say ‘just do it, what have you got to lose?’


I have been training with Vital Lifestyle for 4 years. Although I have exercised consistently since my early 20’s, the emphasis has always been on cardio. As I entered scary “middle age”, I became aware of the importance of resistance training to help with things like functional strength and bone density. Kettle bells were my primary weapon of choice but I knew technique was important, hence the need for a personal trainer.

sue murdoch2

In terms of achievements, a few years back I was very excited when I managed to do my first Turkish Get Up with the kettle bells. When I first saw my trainer do this, I thought “you’ve got to be kidding” but with his fantastic guidance, I did it on my first attempt. Deadlifts with Alex have been another achievement. We got up to about 44 kg with KB’s and then he had me deadlift 60kg with a barbell – more than my body weight so I was pretty chuffed about that.

I have had a couple of excellent trainers at Vital. My current one, Alex, is very satisfying to work with. Despite his sadistic streak, there is always a good outcome! He is very mindful of technique with all the exercises, constantly correcting me which is great. If I am going to work with a trainer, I want to know I am doing all the exercises properly to get the best result possible. Alex is also mindful of injuries (in my case frozen shoulder issues) so that no additional harm is done. If you want to have the best quality of life for as long as possible as you age, get started on an exercise program!

Sue Murdoch

I have been training at Vital Lifestyle for 4 years. When I started my expectations were pretty simple; I wanted to exercise enough so that that I could stand and sit up properly. Basically my main goal was to improve my posture.

Susan WeddelMy personal training achievements have all been gradual – a gradual learning to do more each time, but always within specific parameters. I had a very sore shoulder when I first came to VL and it took about 18 months to deal with. But with specific exercises it is now no longer the problem that it once was.  About 12 months ago I needed heart surgery which meant that I didn’t train at all for 6 months. On returning to training I assumed that it would take a long time to get back to where I had been but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

The best part of the personal training program is the way it is absolutely tailored to my needs and my body. My advice to someone who is considering starting an exercise program is to start slowly and you will begin to learn what it can do for you.  I would definitely encourage anybody to do Pilates.  I don’t want to be sitting in a chair all day when I’m 90!

Susan Weddell

I’ve been training at Vital Lifestyle for almost 9 months now since March of 2013. Since starting I have been committed to attending my twice weekly sessions which is quite an achievement for me and one that I’m proud of. Carol Benson

The greatest benefits that I have so far gained from personal training are increased strength and flexibility. I can now move furniture easily as well as get up and down off the floor when playing with my grandson. I no longer experience lower back pain which I’d had for years thanks to a sedentary desk job all of my working life and I also sleep much more deeply.

I would definitely recommend Vital Lifestyle. It’s so much more than just a gym as once you join you receive a weekly newsletter with recipes and other features, monthly bushwalks and weekly Pilates classes. I also love that my program is specifically designed for me. It’s definitely a specialised (as opposed to one size fits all) approach.

Carol Benson

I initially started personal training to change my body shape, or at least that’s what I thought my reason was at the time. Jason was quick to point out that this would actually be a consequence of the work that I’d be doing and not a reason per se. Eight years later (yes you read that correctly- 8 years!!) and my personal training journey, which has not been without its ups and downs has impacted on my life significantly in a myriad of ways.

Brett PhillipsAs of the beginning of this year I have been committed to training between 4 and 5 times per week. This includes a combination of group classes and one on one sessions. In addition to increasing activity I have also re-engineered my food accountability. I currently feel fitter and stronger than ever before. I’m lifting the heaviest weights I ever lifted and my shrinking waistline circumference means that I’m in dire need of some new trousers!

I have always subscribed to the idea that “goals are dreams with deadlines.” In 2008 I was the world champion gravity bike rider. I continue to feel inspired and focussed on what I want from life and training continues to sharpen my resolve. Jason and the Vital Lifestyle trainers who I have trained with over the years have provided me with knowledge, encouragement and accountability which in turn has translated into passion and commitment on my behalf. To those at the beginning of their fitness journey I would say “habits beat intentions”. That’s a motto I’ve learnt to live by.

Brett Phillips


I initially started personal training at Vital Lifestyle in order to rehabilitate a knee condition. That was five years ago and the benefits to my overall health and wellness have been numerous.

Today my weekly exercise program consists of one personal training session at Vital Lifestyle (usually Pilates or, more recently, Garuda with Anna) as well as swimming. These activities have helped me to create postural awareness and increase core strength as well as having a flow on effect on my mental and emotional wellbeing.         Greg Dean 2

As my employment is physical and involves long hours, training is an important balancing factor in my life. Although I’m a fairly motivated person, having set days and times for exercise helps for consistency. I also think that for exercise to be effective, close supervision is essential. Vital Lifestyle trainers have worked with me in a flexible capacity as my needs have changed and have provided essential motivation to push through and stay motivated.

Greg Dean 



Kellie Hinds B“Over the last 12 months I have really experienced some changes with both mind and body!  Physically, I have lost over 10 kg in weight which I have been trying to do for the last 20 years!  I would have to put a lot of this down to mindset and also lifestyle changes with my eating.   Your mind is really a powerful thing and you really need to want to do something and to be able to commit to the goals you set. It is so easy to talk yourself out of doing things or saying that I will do it tomorrow.   Emotionally I feel so much better …and it makes all the hard work worth it!   You do have days where you might slip up with your eating or not training, but you have to start the next day with your normal routine and positive mindset and forget about the lapse.”

Kellie Hinds Testimonial


David & Soon Lee“We look forward to training at the end of our day at the office. It is certainly not a burden for us. The schedule of exercises are varied so that we don’t get bored with repetitive routines. Our concentration is sharper and we feel good within ourselves.”

David & Soon Lee


For the past six years I have been training at Vital lifestyle Coaching.

Personal Training has provided me with encouragement and specific strength and conditioning programs to undertake some amazing adventures from cycling The Nullarbor and Cape York Peninsula, to hiking Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and several Great Walks in New Zealand

Joan GaughwinThe “Personal” attention to detail and encouragement provides a discipline and focus which a normal gym cannot provide.

Education in the benefits of exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle delivered with expertise and enthusiasm in a well equipped gym is such a valuable contribution to our lives.

I had the dreams and my coach provided the expert training and support to make them a reality.

Vital Lifestyle Coaching creates motivated and inspirational clients from ordinary people.

Joan Gaughwin 69 (Grandmother and adventurer)


To many people, physical training is a paradox that is way too confusing to be healthy. With technology enabling people to gather vast information in just mouse clicks, sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of whether the information is coming from just another “self acclaimed” health professional. Vital Lifestyle Coaching, with their wealth of knowledge, were able to help me discern fact from fiction, and create a fitness program that was tailored to my specific needs as an individual. Their programs have given me clear goals to work towards, and brought focus to my efforts. With regards to personal training I believe that health is much too important to leave up to your own digression, especially for busy people who don’t have the time to be their own task master. Leaving your health in the safe hands of a personal trainer is as wise as it is relaxing, because, lets face it, trying to be healthy is hard enough without the worry of hard work not yielding results.

One thing that I have come to realise with the help of my coach is that health is not just dieting for one week, or going to the gym to shed a few pounds for the summer. It is a complete life style change, and a complete mental change. Vital Lifestyle Coaching tells you where the path to healthiness starts, and helps you progress along its track without forcing you. I am glad that I gave Vital Lifestyle the chance to guide my fitness, and change my life, and am indebted to them for all of this.

Thomas Grieves (22 Student)


Personal training is specific and efficient. Spending 1 hour with Vital Lifestyle Coaching on specific areas to improve overall fitness, strength and good posture has allowed me to realise many goals. Hiking Cradle Mountain, running Half Marathons, the Oxfam Trailwalk and City to Surf are just some of the goals I have achieved.

Goal setting is important to me to maintain interest in continued fitness and my Trainer is very much in tune with my needs and helping me to set and realise these achievements.Not only is my Coach precise and specific he is also very sensitive to the individual personalities of myself and other.Each one of us feel comfortable in his presence and are confident that when training us that his full and absolute attention is on us and our goals.

The time spent training at Vital Lifestyle is a 100% fully focused session.With busy lives I believe that I get more from my personal trainer than I do going to the gym 3 times a week.As a member of a Gym,  I find that when left to my own training, I spend a lot more time talking to friends and executing exercises in perhaps ways that are not only inefficient but also may be dangerous and may cause if not instant, long term injury. For me a Gym is a social place where I catch up with friends and where I would participate in a Cardio type class.Personal Training is the place I go to get real and long term results

Judi Cornips (Mother of 3 and “athlete”)