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Health & Wellbeing Challenge

“First we make our habits and then our habits make us”

Participating in the challenge is an opportunity to retire old habits and create new ones, by choosing to take actions that will enhance your fitness, health and vitality.

“Being well” can mean different things to different people:Goals1

  •  The energy to jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step
  • Climbing stairs without huffing and puffing
  • The strength to lift shopping and manage everyday tasks
  • Being a comfortable and healthy weight
  • Eating a balanced & unprocessed diet
  • The ability to sleep well at night
  • Managing and reducing the impact of stress
  • Managing and reducing aches, pains
  • Managing a chronic illness and feeling vital!


This program has been designed to help you clarify what wellness means to you and to develop a lifestyle plan that will take you there!

Even if you are involved in regular exercise, the program is designed to assist you to identify and implement additional important behaviours that will contribute to your health, fitness and overall vitality.

  • The first step will be to take the wellness quiz
  • Next you will create an individual wellness plan with your coach, including vision and three monthly health and wellbeing goals
  • Each week you will create SMART weekly goals moving you towards your desired healthy outcome
  • You will be kept accountable and supported by having three further coaching sessions

Research shows that by taking the time to engage fully with your health as well as your community, you are much more likely to keep on track and be encouraged by the progress you are making. Our promise is that by doing this work you will be inspired by your own vitality and that from your actions and achievements you will be planting seeds for wellness and further growth.

Program DetailsGoals 2

  • 12 weeks
  • One hour face to face coaching session
  • Three 30 minute telephone or Skype accountability and support sessions
  • Investment $449

“You don’t need to be inspired and motivated to take actions, you get inspired and motivated by taking actions.”

Isabel 12 week challenge reflection

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