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Foundation Program

Change is a process. This program is based on the latest scientific thinking on exercise, psychology and nutrition in combination with my own personal experience stemming from over 20 years in the fitness industry. I have always felt uncomfortable with the Black and White thinking of the fitness world as it goes against the grain of my observations of what works best for client’s long term.  A paradigm shift is currently taking place with regard to the ‘All or Nothing’ approach to health and fitness common within the industry. This shift reflects my own values and reinforces my substantial practical experience. With that in mind, my colleagues and I have created the Vital Lifestyle Foundation Program.

We call it the “Foundation Program” because for your success it is essential for your fitness goals to be well grounded.

Exercise All or NothingThe diagram makes plain the cycle of negativity and punishment that has funded many of the gyms joined on the basis of News Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, year after year, these resolutions support a multibillion dollar weight loss industry and lock many people into a system that uses and builds upon insecurities to trap them in a situation where they’re paying to regularly fail.

Sustainable change involves recasting your self (dialogue & thoughts) and your environment (activity & food).

Studies on will power all say that for change to stick; it has to be gradual, incremental and achievable. So we’ll be focusing on different topics, week-by-week and month-by-month.

The Foundation program provides: -

  1. Strategies to develop a healthy habit with exercise. Enjoy the benefits of improved mood and wellbeing NOW. Establish and maintain an exercise routine for the long term.
  2. Personal focus on areas of importance in your health, fitness & well-being. Build the “why” and leverage for long-term change.
  3. Education on nutrition for a vital lifestyle. Initially we focus on building your eating Intuition, reducing non- hungry eating and eating more mindfully. Only then do we build on food to fuel and nourish you.

In 12 weeks you’ll be ready to achieve a personal fitness goal or ready to explore the Metabolic Makeover Program. Whatever you choose you will have laid The Foundation for a Vital Lifestyle. It won’t be a quick fix, it will be a firm fix.