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sarah lyonsI’ve been working with Vital Lifestyle Coaching for around 12 months now aiming for 2 sessions a week.  It doesn’t always work out that way as a travel for my job quite a bit, however Vital Lifestyle are very flexible and look to accommodate any changes I need to make.  I came across to Australia from the UK around 18 months ago and realised very quickly that with the fantastic food available in Melbourne I was going to have to undertake some exercise! I knew that I lacked the willpower to do this on my own and also I wasn’t sure what I should do so I joined Vital Lifestyle to work with a trainer who would push me further than I may have done on my own and who would change the exercises to suit and keep the sessions fresh which is exactly what they do.

Now I can’t imagine a week without exercise and start to get a bit agitated if I don’t exercise.  I can now lift more weight than I thought I could do (can lift my own bodyweight in a deadlift!) and it’s such a buzz when you achieve a new personal best! Each session is fun to do and you feel amazing (even thought you’ve worked hard) at the end of each session.  Even my Dad back in the UK is keen to hear about the new exercises that I learn and see the progress I make.  I supplement the personal training with running when I can and have found that not only do I feel toned I can see muscle definition and generally I feel much healthier and full of life.

It’s a great team at Vital Lifestyle Coaching and one I would definitely recommend