Personal Training is the place I go to get real and long term results. - Judi

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Our difference

We provide Personal Training/Coaching that empowers individuals, giving them the knowledge and skills to move forward.

We create long term health solutions that work for you.

Vision & Mission:

To inspire and facilitate healthy change in an individual or organisation helping them reach their full potential.
Prioritising the health and well being of more Australians helping them feel Vital!

Philosophy: A Balanced Approach to Feeling Vital

In our fast paced world we expect instant gratification.  We want change to have happened yesterday.

Unfortunately a healthy lifestyle and all its benefits do not happen over night. Those who try the quick fix inevitably fail. They give up, resigned to feeling inadequate. But this should not be viewed as a personal failure. It is a failure in the method.

Life is to be enjoyed! Giving you a quality of life does not involve pain and deprivation. It is about making choices that work for you for the long term.

At Vital Lifestyle Coaching we help you take small incremental steps, creating change so you can feel and look your best. Fitness is a journey not a destination. It is what we generally do, not what we occasionally do, that will give us the benefits we want.

Hiking the ridgeWe endeavour to make exercise a regular and enjoyable part of your lifestyle. As your coach it is important that we keep you accountable but never judge you. With our knowledge and skill and your desire, we can achieve great feats.
The feeling is Vital!