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A Different Approach To Weight Loss- New Program Starts May 4th 2019

Fad diets that promise to help people lose weight once and for all have been selling for years, and yet, Australians are heavier than ever before. If a diet plan built on rigid rules was effective, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic on our hands. Making lifestyle changes and losing weight for the long term requires a different approach.


Kate Raines

Hi my name is Kate Raines and I have been worried about my weight since I was 7 years old. That sounds ridiculous but sadly it’s true. And over many years of working personally and professionally with weight “issues” I know that I am not alone with these feelings.

No amount of fad diets have actually helped me with my “weight” problem because over nearly 60 years of trying every diet possible, and no matter how much weight I lost with each effort, I still felt fat and the weight always returned.

Can anyone here resonate with me?


EmotionsAbout 12 years ago I realised that losing weight was sooooo much more than less food more exercise. Through my own journey of growth and change, I learnt more about how we hold so much of our life history in our bodies, and conscious or not, this is what has 90% to do with how we feel about our weight and therefore how we feel about our selves………….     And therefore what we reach out to eat!!!!!!!!

I am not going to give you a “diet”. I am not going to “put” you on a diet.

If you are interested and feel ready for a different approach to your weight concerns, I am going to teach you and help you develop some basic daily life skills that (over time) will have a profound effect on your food choices and therefore (over time) have a profound effect on your health concerns.

I call these skills the Five Foundations to Long Term Weight Management. I know that using these five foundations to daily living also help you get off the diet treadmill!

To learn more  about A Different Approach To Weight Loss, attend our information night Wednesday 20th March  at 7pm.

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